Baylor Health Care System Foundation

Legal Information and Suggested Bequest Language

The following information is provided to assist you, or your advisors in providing for BHCSF as a beneficiary of your charitable gift and/or estate plan.

Official Address for Inclusion in Estate Planning Documents:
Baylor Health Care System Foundation
Office of Gift Planning
3600 Gaston Ave.
Barnett Tower, Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75246

BHCSF's Legal Name

The legal name to be used when providing for a gift to BHCSF is:

"Baylor Health Care System Foundation"

Designating Your Gift

Your bequest may be unrestricted — to be used for the highest priorities at the time it is received— or you may designate your bequest to support a specific purpose, such as for research. You may make your gift in your own name, or you may memorialize a loved one with your contribution.

Language for Including BHCSF in Your Will or Living Trust

"I hereby give to the BHCSF, Dallas, Texas"

the sum of $________________ [amount] AND/OR

the following described property: ________________ [description] AND/OR

________% [percent] of the residue of my estate. 

This gift is for the unrestricted use of the Foundation. OR this gift is designated for ___________________ [describe purposes such as research, patient centered programs, medical educates or capital needs]."

Gifts to be added to the BHCSF Endowment

Estate and planned gifts are often directed to the foundation's permanent endowment. Endowing a gift is a particularly effective way to leave a lasting legacy, since the earnings accrued on your gift will support BHCSF in perpetuity. For gifts to be added to the foundation's unrestricted endowment, please include the following: If you wish to establish a separate named endowment fund there is a $100,000 minimum to establish a separate named endowment fund. For gifts to be added to the Foundation's permanent endowment, please add:

The gift shall be used to establish an Endowment Fund Account (the "Fund"), the principal of which shall be invested and reinvested by BHCSF in its sole discretion. The principal of the Fund may be combined with other funds of BHCSF for investment purposes, provided that a separate accounting of principal and income is maintained. BHCSF shall make distributions from the Fund in accordance with the Foundation's endowment fund spending policy as it is adopted and revised from time to time by the Trustees of the Foundation.

The Foundations federal tax I.D. number is 75-1606705.


Please contact us so that we can assist you through every step of the process.